Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day - JC Gauthier

On Memorial Day, we're supposed to take a minute to think about family and friends that have passed... We dig deep and think about all the sad occasions and how those people affected us in our lives. We remember the good times, and hope that someday folks will remember us when we go.

Today I am remembering a good friend, and fellow racing driver, JC Gauthier. What makes this extra sad for me, is that I just found out today that JC is gone. He died after a bout with cancer - just TWO days after I raced with him at Infineon Raceway earlier this month. I didn't even know he had cancer. I have raced against JC for many years and never once did I have any idea that we was sick. He was way too fast to be a cancer patient in that ridiculously fast Ferrari I spent so many laps behind.

Two days before he died, this is him leading a pair of Lotus Exige S's. I'm in 3rd here behind a pair of very fast drivers. :-) According to the posting where I learned of JC's passing, he had his best Infineon lap times ever that day. Good for you, JC. Good for you. Well done.

It was always a pleasure to spend time with JC at the track. He was a very nice - and very fast - man indeed.

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  1. Didn't know the guy, but at least it looks like he had a lot of fun in his life, being behind what appears to be a 360 Challenge or GT. *drool*