Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jumping the... er... Flying the Shark


I have been cleaning out my house preparing to move, and I came across this old helium shark blimp in one of my boxes. It is actually radio controlled, though I have no idea where the controller part is (probably in another box somewhere). I decided to set it free.

I pumped it full of helium from an old helium tank also among the junk in the garage (everyone has a blimp shark and helium tank, right?), then let it sail.


It seemed to like pointing its nose upwards, I guess because it really wanted to fly as high as possible (swimming up toward the sun). After a bit, it was far enough away that it just looked like some fish flopping around in the sky. Totally normal.




Hopefully the folks in San Jose saw it flopping and flying away - and took it as a symbolic reference to the lost hope of the local hockey team this season.

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