Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Have You Been?

Someone once asked me what happened to my blog writing... okay, so it wasn't really "someone", it was my Dad. And it wasn't really nondescript time like "once", it was specifically yesterday. Back to the point.

My Dad asked me yesterday what happened to my blog, and why hadn't I updated it in a while. The answer is simple. I use Twitter (Tw) and Facebook (Fb) a lot now, so I haven't felt the urge to wax poetically via this jolly medium.

Since I'm pretty much just talking to my Dad now, I can take a moment and explain what Twitter and Facebook are. They are two forms of a relatively new internet thing called social media sites. They're like online fan clubs for anyone. Anyone. Including you. To that affect, I just created you your very own Twitter account, and your Twitter name is "alfanutjay" or "jaynuxoll". I made two because I wasn't sure which one you'd want. I'll send you the passwords and login information via email.

So basically, you log into www.twitter.com and start saying stuff - anything - in 140 character sound bites. Anyone that wants to can "follow" you and thus hear your sound bites. I am "joeracer" on Twitter, and you're already following me with your two accounts. :-) You're welcome. I send updates via my phone - wherever in the world I am, and everyone that's following me (lots of geeks) hears about it instantly.

As for Facebook... That's a slightly different animal. Think of it as a way to stalk your ex-girlfriends from PRESCHOOL. Yes, everyone on the planet is on it, and you can find them. And they can find you. People post pictures, updates, stories about their vacations, videos of kittens falling asleep... you name it. In fact, Rule 38 would apply, but Fb is limited to non-pornographic content. I linked my Tw and Fb accounts, so I just post to Tw and it shows up in Fb for all my ex-girlfriends from PRESCHOOL to see. Believe me, they're watching. And waiting. And hanging on to every single last word I type.

At least in my dreams.

Ta ta for now, Dad!

- Joe