Friday, March 07, 2008

Open Space Conferences

I'm sitting in a session at the Java Posse Roundup 2008, and it really strikes me how great an open space conference can be. If you're not familiar, it can be summarized as a conference composed entirely of interesting conversations that would normally happen between sessions or over coffee at a regular lecture-style conference. Those are the valuable moments from any conference, and open space conferences are *only* that.

In this session, folks are discussing the future evolution of the Java language. I am sitting here typing this. Technically, I should get up and exercise the "law of two feet" and go find another session - but I'm taking a special pass in the name of journalism. People are encouraged to walk out of the room if a particular discussion is not peaking your interest.

If you have never been to an open space conference, put it on your todo list.

- Joe

(sent from my bio-diesel powered internet tuba, of course)

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