Friday, February 08, 2008

2+ years... and no longer counting.

Today was my last day at Apple. I'll be starting a new job very shortly, and will write a bunch about it here... I think I am a bit too tired to spend the time on the lengthy posting it deserves. This is especially true since I know about 3 people on the planet read this blog.

Phew. Leaving Apple was a very very very hard decision to make. I truly love that company. Maybe someday I'll return there in a different capacity.

Nap time for Joe.

- Joe


  1. Hi Joe,

    3 people? Did you count me too? I'm a new reader to your blog.

    I just found your blog via the Java Posse podcast. Am a fellow AAPL too, know a few of your people at AOS.

    Anyways, surprised to hear that you're leaving Apple. Too bad I never got to meet you in person.

    Best of luck and make that 4 people who reads your blog now :-)

  2. I too followed the trail from the Java Posse to your blog. Perhaps you'll get to post more of you keen insights from now on. I'm posting this reply as I'd hate to think you thought no one paid attention to your blog! Good luck with the move.

  3. Joe,

    Best wishes in your new job! I hope it supports your future Posse endeavors in grand style.

    (Perhaps now you'll have time to play with Scala and monads. ;-)


  4. I think more people read your blog than you realize. I've been keeping and eye on it since we shared a beer at Javaone last year.

    I'm sure more people would read it if you post some Apple "RUMORS" on your blog.


  5. Hey Pants! long time no chat. Hope all is well back in the bay area. I will be out your way soon. Maybe we can catch up for breakfast or a curry while I am out there. You should drop me a line some time. my contact info is over on my website at

    Anyway you now get added to my list of feeds so you can bring your reader count up to at least 4 or 5 ;-)

    RJ Auburn

  6. Hey everyone - I guess I have to make it 6. My mom sent an email and says she reads it too.