Friday, February 27, 2009

Navigenics Physician Portal

I posted a few weeks ago about a major site redesign at Navigenics... well, we stayed very busy after that as well. We just launched some major improvements to the Navigenics Physician Portal. If you're a physician (or know a physician), and they're looking to get involved in the newest field of preventive medicine - they should talk to Navigenics.

Here are some highlights:

Keep it simple. There are test results and there are resources to help educate physicians on genetics and how to use them in their practice. Naturally, we want to get as much feedback as possible in this early market.

The test results themselves are very simple - at least on the surface appearance (that's our job). These are the genetic predispositions that science currently understands, and how they relate to this particular patient (note that this particular guy is fake). We show a bunch of medical conditions and what the average lifetime risk is for each one. We also show the patient's estimated lifetime risk, and what "percentile" they fall into in the population. This is a good birds-eye-view for a physician to get a picture before digging in.

If you dig a little deeper, we show a lot of technical detail about each condition, and provide a lot of jumping-off points to learn more. This is a lot of condensed meat - with a lot less consumer fluff for the physician to have to dig through.

All together, this makes for a very easy step-in for physicians to include genetic testing in their practice as an adjunct to all the other great things they do already. This is just more useful information, and it will only get more and more useful over time as the science and technology develops. Exciting times!

As always, you can stay abreast of the latest news in genetics and health by following the Navigenics blog.

- Joe

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