Friday, September 05, 2008

Long time, no blog

Hey all y'all. I got some pings from folks that read this wondering what the heck happened to me... Well in a nutshell I've been really busy, but I have been posting a lot to Twitter. If you don't know Twitter, it is essentially a service that facilitates micro-blogging. One liners. Very easy to do from a phone, etc. I am "joeracer" on there.

I've been racing a lot. I've been playing a lot of soccer. I've been taking a lot of soccer pictures for I've been working like a mule. My house is still for sale, but I haven't received any bids, so I may have to yank it off the market shortly. That sucks.

One recent major highlight... I went to the Monterey Historic Automobile Races to watch and help my brother out, and he WON his race! That was a major highlight for sure.

- Joe

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