Monday, January 16, 2006

Joining the Java Posse

This weekend was a very special one for me. I got to spend Friday evening with some great friends that I have worked with for many years (though not currently). I had dinner (and drinks) at my good friend Carl Quinn's house. Joining us were Tor Norbye and Dick Wall.

Up to today, Carl, Dick, and Tor made up the Java Posse - which is a very popular PodCast on Java technology. We had talked for a long time about me possibly joining the Java Posse - but I was working at Sun (with Tor), and they didn't think it would be good to have too much Sun representation on the Java Posse. Well... I'm at Apple now, so it's open season! We recorded the 25th (silver) episode of the Java Posse together that night, and I will be joining the Posse as a full-fledged member from now on. I am very stoked!

Long live Java! Long live the Posse!

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